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You can double the number of audiobook titles available for circulation without increasing costs!

At the same time, you'll increase your circulation figures, and free up space by not keeping non-circulating titles on your shelves- just rotate what's in demand!

Each Leasing Plan includes:
  • Free shipping to and from your library
  • Free Full MARC records
  • Free replacements of damaged CDs
  • Free LabelSav™ inserts
  • 20% discount on Taped Editions supply orders for the term of your lease. No minimum purchase!
Plus, great incentives for timely rotation and contract renewals.

How to Get Started

Because TEI Landmark Audio's first priority is our customers, we set up each leasing plan individually. Each library has different budget and patron interests. We'll customize your plan so it's the right fit.

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We're ready to design a leasing program for you!