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Why would I want to lease my audios instead of buying them? Back to top

Audiobook listeners are a unique group. On average, approximately 40% of library patrons utilize audiobook collections. However, of that 40%, many of these patrons are “addicted” to audiobooks and will check out 3 to 4 times as many items as do their “print” counterparts. Leasing programs increase the number of titles available to your patrons compared with traditional buying programs. In addition, any damaged artwork, cassettes, discs, or cases are replaced by Taped Editions at no charge to you! A rotating collection saves valuable shelf space, as older titles are not left to collect dust.

How does a Taped Editions’ leasing program work? Back to top


  • Decide how much your budget will allow and ask a TEI Landmark Audio representative to customize an audiobook lease program to fit your needs and your budget!
  • Consider if your patrons want CDs, or Playaways™.
  • Decide how often you want to exchange your collection. A 90 day rotation period is the most common, but we can accommodate 45, 60 or 180 day exchanges. The choice is yours!


Is leasing more expensive than buying? Back to top

No! Leasing allows you to provide your patrons with a larger number and a wider variety of titles than you could offer in a purchased audio collection.

May I choose my own titles? Back to top

Absolutely! Most librarians prefer to select their own titles. However, we offer 10% off the package price when you let TEI Landmark Audio choose the titles for you according to your paramaters.

How much time will it take to process my order once I receive my shipment? Back to top

None! Your books arrive SHELF-READY! If you would like us to apply your barcode, we will do so at NO extra charge. Because we use the patented LabelSav™ system with each order, you save even more on processing time. Simply affix your library’s identifying labels to the LabelSav™ insert and your audiobooks are ready to be shelved.

How do I keep track of what I have received, what I’ve returned and so on? It sounds like a bookkeeping nightmare! Back to top

We do all of that for you! With every shipment, you will receive an up-to-date report showing the titles, dates shipped from our warehouse, and dates returned to us. We also keep track of the titles you have received so no duplicates are sent to you.

Is it a hassle to return the books? Back to top

We strive to make our program trouble-free. Just put the titles you’ve selected for return in a box and use the pre-paid return label we provide.

What are the shipping costs associated with leasing? Back to top

None! Free shipping is included for all of our leasing programs both to and from your library.

The original shipment is still circulating. Am I obligated to send the collection back at the end of my exchange period? Back to top

You may keep as many audiobooks from each shipment as you wish. At any time, your library may exceed the number of titles allowed in the lease. Should this occur, the number of titles available to you in later shipments will decrease. This option allows each library to plan for periods of heaviest use.

I’m ready for another shipment. What do I have to do? Back to top

Nothing! (Honest!) At the end of your exchange period, we will automatically send you more titles. A return label will be included with your new audiobook shipment. Our shipper will pick up your returns whenever you are ready to ship them back to us!

May I purchase any of my leased titles? Back to top

Yes! You may purchase any of the leased titles in your possession at a significant discount. Please check with us for pricing details. In addition, any title that you have leased consecutively for 15 months is yours to keep!

What if we want to change our program? Back to top

We wrote the book on flexibility! Just call us at 1-800-850-1701, and we will restructure your lease to meet changing patron demands.

What if a patron loses an audiobook, tape, or CD? Back to top

We expect our materials to be treated as if they were items in your permanent collection. If you require patrons to replace lost materials, then we would expect reimbursement for any of our materials that are lost. However, if your library is unable to collect from the patron, we will waive the reimbursement fees.

What if I have a damaged tape or CD? Back to top

Call us immediately at 1-800-850-1701 with your name and customer number, the title, ISBN, media type and CD number. We will ship a free replacement to you as soon as possible.

Do you provide cataloging services? Back to top

Yes, we do! We provide brief MARC records free of charge. Full MARC records are available through OCLC, our vendor partner.

If I have further questions, may I speak with a “real” person about your programs? Back to top

Sure! Call us at 1-800-850-1701.


Where do you get all those audiobooks? Back to top

We work with over 200 publishers. If a title is available on audio, we can most likely get it for you!

Is there a minimum order requirement, or a purchase contract plan that I need to commit to? Back to top

Absolutely not! At TEI Landmark Audio you buy what you want -- when you want it! This applies to all purchases -- new audios, used audios, and audiobook supplies -- and there is never a minimum purchase.

I receive a 45% discount from another audiobook distributor. Why would I want to buy from Taped Editions when you only offer a 20% discount? Back to top

When comparing prices, it is essential to look at the total package. Some audiobook distributors offer a bigger discount, but add on fees for processing, packaging and conversion. At TEI Landmark Audio, audiobooks arrive shelf-ready and the packaging, processing and conversion are FREE! Check out our cost comparison chart on the homepage to see how TEI compares to other suppliers. TEI Landmark Audio will also separate the acquisition cost and the processing fee on your invoice, if requested. Working with us helps streamline and simplify the ordering process. You will always receive a confirmation of your order for final approval.

Does the 20% discount off the retail price for new audiobooks apply to all publishers? Back to top

The 20% discount on new audiobooks applies to nearly all of our over 200 publishers. There are a select few who do not extend a discount to us. In these cases, TEI Landmark Audio charges the full retail price, plus a conversion fee.

How do you profit when customers want audios from publishers who don't offer Taped Editions a discount? Back to top

TEI Landmark Audio wants to offer our customers the convenience of ordering titles from a wide pool of publishers. We profit through our outstanding customer service!

What type of discount do you offer on your used audiobooks, and why would libraries want to buy used audios? Back to top

Our used audiobooks are marked down 45-85%, and we periodically run sales offering additional savings. Check out our used book page to see our current offerings. With such significant savings, your library can acquire a lot of audiobooks for a small amount of money. Used audiobooks are a great boon to small budgets or libraries beginning an audiobook program.

Are your audiobooks the mass market version or the Library Edition? Back to top

We offer the mass market version, unless you specifically request the Library Edition. The Library Edition is more expensive but the quality of the product is typically the same.

Do you publish a catalog? How can I find out what titles are available for purchase? Back to top

Working with so many publishers, it would be impossible to keep a printed catalog up-to-date. Our new and used audio catalogs are posted on-line, and updated frequently.

How can I search for an audiobook on-line? Do I need the complete title or the author's name? Back to top

With our advanced search, you can now search by ISBN, title, reader, publisher, genre, and release date.

Will my audiobooks be shelf-ready when they arrive?Back to top

Yes! Audios from TEI Landmark Audio arrive in sturdy, plastic cases with full-color artwork. There is NO up-charge for the case, artwork or conversion.

Is it possible to have the artwork customized to match my library's labeling system? Back to top

TEI Landmark Audio will digitally process the artwork of your new audiobooks to create the look you want. Talk to a TEI representative for more information about digital processing. A nominal set-up fee and per item pricing charges are applied for this service.

Can I only order on-line, or do you have other ordering options? Back to top

In addition to on-line shopping, you may fax or email your orders to us. Please include ISBN numbers on fax and email orders to insure there is no confusion regarding format requests.

Are the audiobook prices on your Web site the full retail price or your discounted price? Back to top

Prices shown on the Web site include the TEI Landmark Audio discount.

My library doesn't have a credit card. Can I still shop on-line? Back to top

Yes. TEI Landmark Audio will invoice you after receiving your on-line order.

Do I pay shipping fees?Back to top

Shipping is FREE on all new audio purchases with a purchase of $100 or more. Shipping fees are charged on used audiobooks and audio supplies.

How quickly will I receive my order? Back to top

You can expect to receive new audio titles within 10 to 14 business days. Used audiobooks and audio supplies are shipped within 3 to 10 business days. At times it is necessary for TEI to backorder items. When this occurs, the wait to receive items is increased, and the customer is notified of the delay.

What is your replacement policy for damaged media? Back to top

TEI Landmark Audio offers a 12-month free replacement policy on all new audiobook purchases. After 12 months, TEI Landmark Audio will replace damaged media at a charge of $10.00 per CD. (Price includes shipping fees.) Damaged media on used audiobooks are subject to a 6-month free replacement policy. If the audiobook is no longer in print, we will send a comparable used audiobook at no charge.

Do you provide cataloging services? Back to top

Yes, we do! We provide free brief MARC records. Records are transmitted via e-mail.

Are you OCLC compatible? Back to top

Yes. TEI Landmark Audio is an OCLC partner.

What is LabelSav™? Back to top

LabelSav™ is a patented, innovative product designed to protect labeling and library identifiers. LabelSav™ is an insert that slips between the artwork and clear packaging overlay of any audio case, jewel case, DVD, book, or binder. Library identifying labels can be affixed to LabelSav™, preserving both artwork and cases saving you time, energy and money. For photos and additional information about LabelSav™, click the LabelSav™ link on our homepage.