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Bethany Sings Out

Bethany Sings Out

UNABRIDGED CD Bolinda Publishing, Inc.
Webb, Holly (Author)
Jones, Rosie (Read by)
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Publisher Description

Bethany has been keeping a secret from her best friends: she’s attending The Shine School for the Performing Arts on a scholarship since her mum can’t afford to pay for stage school. But with all her homework and the long journey to and from school every day, Bethany is struggling.

Then she’s offered the chance to perform in a backing vocal group at a celebrity charity concert with her favourite singer. Luckily, the school has a boarding house she can stay in so she can juggle all her work. Unluckily, Lizabeth will also be staying in the house... Worried what her friends will think if they find out about her scholarship and stressed about school work, will Bethany be able to find her voice and shine in the concert?

Ideal for young fans of Ballet Shoes, and the OLIVIA and L’ETOILE SCHOOL FOR STARS series to read on their own.

Publisher Annotation

A sparkling series of dance, drama, dreams and friendship from best-selling author Holly Webb.

Product Details

Format: Unabridged
Binding: Compact Disc
Playtime: 120 (in Minutes)
Media Count: 2
Release Date: 10/27/2019
Language: ENG -


Genre: JUV
Catagory \ Spine Label: JUV
Subjects: General
Dewey Decimal:
Audience Age: 05 - 07
Audience Grade: K - 02
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