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Miss Blake Is a Flake!

Miss Blake Is a Flake!

UNABRIDGED CD Harper Collins
Gutman, Dan (Author)
Glick, Maxwell (Read by)
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Publisher Description

At-ten-tion! The Beaver Scouts are looking for new recruits. And A.J. and his friends are the first to sign up. They can’t wait to build campfires and earn cool badges.

But scout leader Miss Blake would rather prepare them for falling boulders and surprise bear attacks. When they go on an overnight camping trip, will they be prepared for a real emergency?

Publisher Annotation

In this fourth book in the My Weirder-est School series, A.J. and his friends learn how to survive in the wilderness.

Product Details

Format: Unabridged
Binding: Compact Disc
Playtime: 063 (in Minutes)
Media Count: 1
Release Date: 2/18/2020
Language: ENG -


Genre: JUV
Catagory \ Spine Label: JUV
Subjects: Humorous Stories | Sports & Recreation - Camping & Outdoor Activities | School & Education
Audience Age: 06 - 10
Audience Grade: 01 - 05
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