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The Fast and the Furriest

The Fast and the Furriest

UNABRIDGED CD Macmillan Audio
Kent, Deanna (Author)
Stevens, Eileen (Read by)
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Publisher Description

Ophelia von Hairball V of Burglaria, international kitty of mystery, is always fishing for a new mission im-paws-ible.

So when a thief steals a dangerous artifact from its vault, the Furry Feline Burglary Institute (FFBI) puts Ophelia in charge of stealing it back.

But when the cat’s away, the dogs will play. The Central Canine Intelligence Agency (CCIA) is hot on her tail—and they want the artifact for themselves!

She’ll need some dashing disguises, great gadgets, and even a robo-dog to save the world in style!

Publisher Annotation

Life is short. Save the world, live to tell the tail.

Product Details

Format: Unabridged
Binding: Compact Disc
Playtime: 330 (in Minutes)
Release Date: 11/5/2019
Language: ENG -


Genre: JUV
Catagory \ Spine Label: JUV
Subjects: Humorous Stories | Action & Adventure - General | Animals - Cats
Dewey Decimal:
Audience Age: 07 - 08
Audience Grade: 02 - 03
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