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Bad Dad

Bad Dad

UNABRIDGED CD HarperCollins Children's Books
Walliams, David (Author)
Walliams, David/Esian, Jocelyn Jee/Ganatra, Nitin (Read by)
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Publisher Description

David Walliams burst on to the American scene with his New York Times bestseller Demon Dentist, and now he's bringing his signature humor to this raucous tale of prison breaks and heists gone wrong in Bad Dad.

Frank's dad was a champion hot-rod racer, Gilbert the Great. But when a terrible accident sees him go from hero to zero, Frank and Gilbert are left with nothing--and in the grips of a wicked crime boss and his henchmen. After Gilbert is thrown in prison, only Frank can come to his rescue. . .

Publisher Annotation

Hailed as "the heir to Roald Dahl" by The Spectator, the UK's #1 bestselling children's author, David Walliams, will have fans of Jeff Kinney and Rachel Renee Russell in stitches

Product Details

Format: Unabridged
Binding: Compact Disc
Playtime: 315 (in Minutes)
Media Count: 01
Release Date: 3/19/2019 Pre-Order Now!
Language: ENG -


Genre: JUV
Catagory \ Spine Label: JUV
Subjects: Humorous Stories | Law & Crime | Family - Parents
Audience Age: 9 - 11
Audience Grade: 4 - 6
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